Register Here for our WFTWNJ 2019 Trail Ride

This is a free event for all! Registration is required to attend this event. 

Please cancel by August 10th so we don’t over order and waste money !!! Thank you for your consideration.

Veterans: Are you a wounded warrior  who might need a little fresh air? Come and join us for a day good food, fun and a trail ride!  This event is open to all veterans and their families, but wounded veterans will get preference for the trail ride part of the event. As a veteran you can also drive your own 4wd rig at our event. Please register as a VETERAN and note you will be driving your own vehicle. Please indicate that you are a driver as well as a Vet during registration. If you are volunteering to drive other veteran/veterans please register as a DRIVER There is no cost to you.  This is our way of saying THANK YOU for your service! REGISTER HERE

Drivers Needed – Now for the fun!  This is an event to take our wounded veterans out for a trail ride!. This is not a wheeling event although we will take our guests out for a trail ride. This event is held on private land in NJ by permission only. This is the 4 wheel drive communities way of saying thank you to our countries heroes, since the veterans are our guests and some  are wounded vets, your front passenger seat must be available to accommodate a vet.
Vehicles must have seat belts and pass a safety inspection. REGISTER HERE   Once we have reached the maximum number of drivers needed for this event, we will halt registration. Please feel free to check back and see if any slots open up due to cancellations. Also we can always use extra help if you would like to volunteer in other areas!

Volunteers Needed – We welcome volunteers to help set up, serve food and participate in our event in other ways. So if you want to experience the best feeling you can possibly have, please volunteer! Children are welcome, but we may put them to work! REGISTER HERE